Friday, October 22, 2010

Herschel found a home!

So happy that Herschel was adopted, but there is a little pink void in the studio where he sat... They each take a piece of my heart with them when they leave. You know, my daughter used to kiss them all on the nose before they each took their trip to their new homes. Now that she is married and lives far away, it is kinda sad to send them off without that memory. Come to think of it, this is the first bear I have had to send away on my own... Don't be mislead, though. He still received plenty of love and hugs from me!


  1. Herschel is completely darling. I'm glad he found a new home, but I understand about having a tough time saying good-bye! You'll just have to make another one...and another one... :o)

    Blessings and bear hugs to you!

  2. He is so so so cute! Love that color! I know what you mean about parting with them. It is difficult sometimes! I'm still thinking about Nevin!

  3. Thank you Debora and Shanna! I have so many ideas, but can't create them fast enough. Will have to start a notebook. Fuzzy hugs to you both!